Nicole (starvingartist3) wrote in fanfic_research,

*raises hand*

Hi, first time poster here with a few questions.

First, would an assistant historical professor make enough to be able to afford a decent apartment in Manhattan, NYC? Or would an apartment there out of their price range?

Also, I’m not really sure if this is the place to post something like this or not, but is anyone out there familiar with tarot cards? I have a mage character who uses tarot cards as weapons – basically; he can summon a different power from each card. However, I know jack about tarot and need a little help in coming up with powers based around them. There was a guy helping me a while ago, so I do have a few powers on hand, but lately I’ve tried to talk with him several times and basically gotten no response in turn.

A big fat thanks in advance. ^_^
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