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Fanfic Research Center

- for when the little things get you down -

Fanfiction Research
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Hi! Welcome to the Fanfic Research community. This is the place to ask about all those pesky details that can bog down a fanfic writer!

The community's open to everyone and right now, there are just three rules:

1) Be nice. No flames, no spamming, and no "as anyone with half a brain would know" or variants thereof appended to answers.

2) As far as possible, don't ask fandom-specific questions. Most major fandoms already have a ton of LJ comms, mailing lists etc. dedicated to them, and you'll probably stand a better chance of finding answers there. Likewise, while it's perfectly OK to ask for betas and such, please don't post JUST to do that - again, there are better places.

3) Be prepared to back up your facts if requested. If at all possible, post a link or a book title as reference - and if you don't remember where you read something, or aren't sure you've got it right, do say so.

[Oh, and the comm's not always going to be this ugly. Promise!]