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Getting rid of a corpse in the Arctic?


So I'm writing a Millennium Trilogy fanfiction which takes place in Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories. It is a very remote place on an island in the Canadian Arctic Ocean (population 134, basically nothing there).

So, Character A has to dispose of some bodies in the area surrounding SH (in a shack several miles away). The snow wouldn't be deep enough to cover anything (that region of the arctic has very little precipitation), and obviously the ground is too hard. There's also no tree cover, so "dumping them in the woods" isn't an option. Character A has no access to acids or anything else like that, or anywhere to burn them, and the ocean is frozen. Character A also does not have a lot of time, as he must leave for the mainland in a matter of hours for various reasons, and he is injured and not thinking rationally. He is of no concern to the local residents, and neither are the dead people, but there are people in Canada and Sweden searching for both parties. The bodies must not be found.

Would it be plausible for Character A to:

a) Throw them in a crevasse out on the ice?


b) Just leave them out in the hopes that they would be scavenged by wandering wildlife/would be found long after the fact? Would the area be infrequently-visited enough for this to be possible?


c) do something else you might think of?

Thanks for your help.
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