Nicole (starvingartist3) wrote in fanfic_research,

*raises hand*

Hi, first time poster here with a few questions.

First, would an assistant historical professor make enough to be able to afford a decent apartment in Manhattan, NYC? Or would an apartment there out of their price range?

Also, I’m not really sure if this is the place to post something like this or not, but is anyone out there familiar with tarot cards? I have a mage character who uses tarot cards as weapons – basically; he can summon a different power from each card. However, I know jack about tarot and need a little help in coming up with powers based around them. There was a guy helping me a while ago, so I do have a few powers on hand, but lately I’ve tried to talk with him several times and basically gotten no response in turn.

A big fat thanks in advance. ^_^
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Granted, I'm not an expert on Tarot cards, but I can't really think of a means you could assign specific powers to the cards. Maybe to the major arcana cards, but the reading of the cards isn't always that cut and dried.
*nods* I see what you mean. The guy came up with this system -- he would look at the image on the card (he owned a deck) and get literal with power ideas, especially with the Minor Arcana (The Suit Of Cups grants the user magical water, Ace of Rods grants him a magic staff, Two of Swords grants him body armor, Ace of Swords gives him a magic sword, and Five of Rods can cause people to argue). The majority of the current card powers are from the Major Arcana (The Magician -- element control, Strength -- well, self-explanatory, The Emperor and The Fool -- basically stealth-based powers, and The Hierophant could unlock any lock). But the Suit of Pentacles and the rest of the Sword suit weren't magical. *whew*

For the tarot, I'd suggest first picking a specific deck to work with. The images, symbolism and interpretation can vary wildly from deck to deck. Many large bookstores carry decks, but they often won't let you look at the cards before you buy. I've found a couple of New Age/occult/Neopagan stores that have demo decks that you can open and look over, though. You'll probably want to buy the deck you plan to use so that you'll be able to refer to it. Alternatively, if you find a good book that uses the deck in question as illustrations and that has all of the cards with usable images, you could buy that instead.

Alternatively, if you find a good book that uses the deck in question as illustrations and that has all of the cards with usable images, you could buy that instead.

Hmm... I think I might do that rather then buy a deck (since I don't see myself actively using the cards other then for the power idea thing/stories).
Well, I can't say for sure about Manhattan, but depending on the apartment... I was just staying with some friends there, and they're in the low-to-middle income range, and they have a pretty workable apartment in upper Manhattan. I don't really know what the cost is, since I've never lived there myself, but my best guess is that an assistant professor would be able to at least live there and do OK. How nice of an apartment, what locations, how much extra cash they'd have at the end of the month... I really couldn't say. Sorry I can't be of more help.